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“Life can be so laborious, I believe we need to take the little things that brings us joy and run with it. In my case it is food” – Yours Truly MAGGI MEI

Being a fan of this year’s hit Korean drama series: Squid Game; when it was announced that Sai Woo would be hosting their own version and take on the show, I knew I had to go. On this Halloween weekend 2021, the event proved to be extremely popular with fans and tickets quickly selling out. For those who missed it, here is the recap, and the reason why you need to look out for the next event Sai Woo hosts.

We would try all the featured Squid Games drinks, with the Banana Milk Punch being my favourite. Pineapple Ciroc, yogurt soju, citrus, kiwi sumac bitters, and a bubble gum blue bubble foam topper. Visually it was a master piece, and drink wise it reminded you of childhood with its sweet and creamy banana flavouring. Paired with the games at hand, this was the perfect signature cocktail for this themed event.

For me, the Squid Sausage was the most memorable. What a clever and unique way to incorporate actual squid into the menu. House chopped sirloin, beansprouts, and sweet potato noodle stuffed in the hollowed out body of a whole squid, then sliced into rings for easy dipping and eating. I really enjoyed the chewy cartilage-like texture of the squid; similar to a dumpling wrapper, but more firm.


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