Chef Han’s Latest

Sai Woo’s space is, simply and profoundly put, so very beautiful. It is bright and cheery, classy and welcoming, upscale and comfortable. One can feel a long history seeping out from the red brick walls with the charming paintings of the people of yesterday, smiling down on us. There is a natural, local beauty to the place, wood, brick, natural light…just like the menu creations that are natural, local, light and artistic. The whole place is charm, art and class.

Woo Bar tells the story of philosophers and rebellion, one gets the urge to light a cigar, hunch over an exotic cocktail and discuss anarchy. There is a sense of sexy intelligence from bygone eras still lingering in the room. The entire décor is that of another place and time far away from everyday Vancouver.

And the food…Lamb so tender there is no need for cutlery, the spiced crust adds the perfect crunch to the sweet puree, and of course the tang and salt of Asian greens and the earthiness of Vancouver mushrooms all come together to sing a sweet chorus…this is Vancouver on a plate. This is us, our culture, our food, our unique awesomeness.


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