Vancouver Inspired Asian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse food scene stemming from Vancouver’s multicultural society. Sai Woo restaurant, chef Han Seung-min’s newest acquisition in historic Chinatown, is where the chef focusses on pairing local bounty and global techniques with familiar Korean, Japanese and Chinese flavours.

Their main goal is to shine the spotlight on local produce while changing the way people experience a meal. This West Coast-forward new Asian cuisine is modern and innovative, yet grounded in history. 

Sai Woo Chop Suey (circa 1940s) – Sai Woo by Kosoo – is another one of Chef Han’s modern Asian Kosoo Concepts. Kosoo on Cardero and Kosoo Korean Chicken on Robson are well known and well-loved restaurants. As expected, Sai Woo, this new concept by one of Vancouver’s finest chefs is delivering culinary masterpieces and fantabulous cocktails, backdropped with the lively vibe of Kosoo unique style. All this amidst one of the most beautiful restaurant spaces in Vancouver.

Meet Our Executive Chef


“I love to create new menus, new memories for people. Food is not only for when we are hungry…it is the many, many small memories that make up our relationship with food and life.”

Chef Han introduced his New Korean cuisine to Vancouver at his Kosoo restaurants on Robson Street and Cardero Street before taking over Sai Woo. A true master at his craft, The Cordon Bleu-trained chef, and protégé of chef Jean-Francis Quaglia of Provence Marinaside, is renowned for his intricate Vancouver Inspired Asian menu grounded in Canada’s natural bounty from the land and sea.

Our Chef de Cuisine

Chef Takumi

“I was never really good at making people smile, like with a sense of humour or any other way, but as I got better and better at cooking and I fed people I saw their smiles, so I thought wow this is a good way, my way to make people happy…!”


Chef Takumi Saito has been in the restaurant industry for 15 years, he started out in a  professional kitchen training under chef Seung-min Han, now 14 years later they are reunited again under the Sai Woo roof. His culinary journey spans from the West Coast to the East Coast to Michelin-star restaurants in Japan. Now he is back again in the place he will always call home. Chef Takumi is a huge proponent of living a seasonal life, while bringing global Asian-inspired influences to our local bounty.